Greg Irons, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Thousands of animals’ lives are being saved every year thanks to the heroic efforts of Greg and his dedicated team at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary just outside Hobart. Greg discovered animals were his vocation at a very young age much to his father’s discomfort if not terror, as Greg’s house became home to a steady stream of critters, reptiles and insects. Having set the statewide standard for excellence at Bonorong, where all animals that possibly can be are brought back to physical health, rehabilitated and released, Greg opened a huge devil breeding programme, created Tasmania’s wildlife SOS line and set about educating Tasmanians , and visitors, from the youngest to the oldest about the importance of wildlife conservation and checking dead animal’s pouches for joeys. In an extraordinarily successful experiment he has installed motion sensory cameras in the Tarkine Rainforest, the last stronghold of undiseased Tasmanian devils, where he runs Tarkine Trails, Australia’s only true rainforest walk. Greg has now turned his hand to saving the Tasmanian Tree frog. A private behind the scenes or night time tour at Bonorong is a must. Greg is probably the person that you would most want your daughter to marry, but sadly he is spoken for by the lovely Petra who also works at Bonorong.