Loraine and Rob Holloway, Partridge Farm, Flinders Island

If you love getting off the beaten track and meeting the locals, Rob and Loraine are the couple for you. Their farm-stay on the sublimely beautiful Flinders Island in the Bass Strait promises unbelievable views from the huge rooms, all built by Rob, and a highly entertaining supper with the family around the BBQ. Bank on hilarious tales of island life on Flinders, local folklore, aboriginal history and home made everything – cider, beer, wine, sausages, pesto to accompany delicious dinners featuring , of course, because it is Flinders Island, mutton bird. Heidi the German pointer, chickens, Rastas - the alpaca, rare sheep, partridges and even free range guinea pigs (not destined for the pot!) complete the experience. Just a couple of months after I first met Loraine and Rob they travelled to the other side of the world, and joined my family on Jersey for a couple of days of reciprocal hospitality, and so the hilarity continued while I tried – and failed – to match their culinary prowess. Visit Loraine and Rob on their beautiful farm on Flinders Island and they will become friends that, along with the memories will stay with you for life.