an archipelago of 334 islands

Tasmania is an archipelago of 334 islands. Let your imagination run wild and you still won’t come close. It turns island hopping into a new experience. If you get to visit just one of Tasmania’s offshore islands, you will do better than 99% of visitors (and hence meet virtually none).

The minimal effort and cost involved is more than worthwhile. Many of the islands that can be visited have their own deeply etched history – ranging from Aboriginal and French Explorers, to convict and present day environmental. They also have their own distinct wildlife, birdlife, landscapes, mountains, walking, beaches, even in some cases, their own award winning food and wine.

It goes without saying that each is as uniquely beautiful as the other in its own remarkable way. They can variously be accessed by boat or by air. When it comes to staying, they range in terms of accommodation from camping in the old penitentiary to surprisingly plentiful and stylish, and with a bit of careful planning and know-how they can, and should be a fantastic addition to your Tasmanian holiday.