Riverfly Wilderness Huts

When Riverfly Wilderness Huts opened in December 2012 it was one of the most exciting intiatives in Tasmania's fly fishing history due to the unique combination of location and sight fishing opportunities. Riverfly is Northern Tasmania's only river based fly fishing guided business.  The Land of 3000 Lakes is an area that is around 40 km by 30 km and at an altitutde of 1000 metres.  The huts are located on the iconic conservation property, Skullbone Plains, bordered by Lake Ina and the extraordinary Walls of Jerusalem National Park which lies just metres away. The huts each sleep two along with a communal hut and all have been built to strict environmental standards. The huts are run by Daniel Hackett who specialises in sight fishing for wild trout, wilderness guiding and teaching beginners. What a way to learn!