My Overview

Where you rest your head in Tasmania is so much more than a bed but invariably an experience in its own right. Like so much of its tourism product, most of the accommodation you will find on your travels around the islands has developed from someone’s passion for their land and its wildlife, or purely from a deep-seated desire to share their little bit of paradise with others. ‘Hotels’ in the modern sense are few and far between, even in the city, meaning that almost every threshold you cross will reveal a host of wonderful and unexpected surprises.

Some surprises are manmade, such as the delicious basket of home baked breakfast goodies and welcoming bottle of wine, or the extraordinary works of art that will stop you in your tracks. Others are part of the very fabric of the natural environment – such as a Platypus playing in a river that is beckoning you for an evening’s swim, a White Wallaby that has been rescued and released, - wild, yet still tame enough to eat from your hands; a colony of Little Penguins, or White-bellied Eagles soaring overhead – or simply yet another sublime view that you thought couldn’t possibly come close to yesterday’s (but might just have just topped it). 

Much of Tasmania’s very best accommodation is what you might loosely term Bed and Breakfast. In some cases it is in the traditional sense, where you share someone’s home and their living space, but more often than not you will find delightful self-contained cottages or cabins on their land, perhaps cottages built by the hands of 19th century convict labourers, or spacious cabins crafted in more recent times by present day owners, ranging from cosy and rustic to eclectic and funky. Regardless of their era and inspiration, you can be sure they will be full of character, reflecting the personalities of your hosts and the beauty of their natural surroundings. As a result, travelling around the state is as pleasurable on your own as it is with a partner, or a group of family and friends, with sleeping and living arrangements that can be tailored to all. Even those on one of Tasmania’s multi-day guided walks can arrive at their evening’s beach camp or lodge hideaway in anticipation of another glorious setting and a dining experience like no other made effortlessly possible by your guides.

Tasmania’s accommodation is as suited to frosty winter evenings as it is made for long balmy summer days and starlit nights. A roaring log fire or wood burner sits happily alongside an alfresco bath and a private veranda looking over a forested valley or a pretty garden filled with flowers and fruit trees, birds and wildlife.

Luxury in Tasmania is not about your thread count or bath products – although these may well be of the highest quality, and certainly today five star luxury is there for those who seek it, with every new little development seemingly another masterpiece of creativity and vision, even history in the making. For the most part however, luxury in Tasmania is something that money rarely buys – peace and tranquillity in the most beautiful surroundings imaginable, where nature and wildlife is king and a rich heritage and history blends seamlessly with a warm, genuine welcome and the latest creature comforts.

Tasmanian Odyssey has a huge range of places to stay from farm stays to beach houses and every style in between. There is far more than could possibly be included on a website or in a brochure, and of course words and pictures will never do them justice. Here is just a selection of our favourites. Please call for more details and ideas.

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